Medical and research

Medical and research

Some of our products developed and uses in medical and research applications are described here below.

Laser Scanner LS100

The Laser Scanner LS100 is developed by Latronix. LS100 is a positioning system with very high accuracy and is used to decide and supervise the exact position of a patient during radiotherapy treatment. We are very proud of LS100, and we hope and believe that LS100 will get thousands of cancer patients a better and longer life.

Positioning lasers in the treatment room

We manufacture high-precision lasers that are used in treatment rooms all over the world. The lasers projects crosses on the patient's body from three different views. This helps the personnel to place the patient correct before radiotherapy treatment.

Non-contact level meters

LaserLev is developed to register level differences with very high accuracy. The equipment is used e.g. to register level differences on gel in glass columns.

Non-contact width measurements

Euclides Lab is developed to measure e.g. widths of different objects with high precision. The equipment is mobile and can be placed direct on a table in the laboratory.