Other industry

Other industry

Some of our products developed and uses in industry are described here below.

Non-contact width measurement of one ore more tracks

MWS, Multiple Width System, is a non-contact measuring system for width measurement of one or  more tracks in e.g. paper machine, cutting machine, rolling mill etc.

Lasers for tool positioning

Our point-, line- and crosshair lasers are used within many different industries for tool positioning. At saw mills and stone industry lasers are used to position the saw blade. Laser light can even be used for drill positioning or as guide line.

Laser for quality control

By using a laser light which lit up a glass surface and by studying the reflection can one in some cases control the quality of the glass.

Non-contact distance measurement within the manufacturing industry

Our distance meters are used within the manufacturing industry to measure length of different objects before cutting. On the enclosed processor module one can set e.g. for inverted measurements, zero set at a specific distance, alarm levels etc.

Positioning lifting cranes

Our XL series hand held distance meters are used to easily position lifting cranes. The 1000XL model measures up to 1000m distances.