Society and leisure

Society and leisure

Some of the products we offer for use within the society and leisure are described here below.

Placement of rescue vehicles

It is easy and fast to decide the placement of vehicles with help of the distance meter XL. Many important minutes might be saved by using this XL-meter. Some fire brigades have a XL-meter in every vehicle.

Safety distance measurement

Our XL series distance meters can even be used when it is impossible to get close to the target or there is a risk for explosion.

Accident and crime documentation

It is important to do an accurate documentation at an accident. E.g. where glass splinters were found. Our distance meters can be used for this purpose.

Non-contact distance measurement

Sometimes it can be hard to decide the distance with bare eyes. Our XL and LH series distance meters are an excellent aid for distance measurement on the golf course, at archery clubs, for forest and territory measurement etc.