Transport and railway

Transport och järnväg

Some of our products developed and uses within the transport and railway industry are described here below.

Overhead Line Measurement of height and stagger

Our Euclides OWLS provides measurement of height and stagger of Overhead Line with very high accuracy.

Rail Profile and Rail Gauge

Euclides rail profile measuring system is a powerful tool for measuring vehicles and grinders.

TruckLaser for positioning

Our TRC series lasers are specially designed for use in paper roll clamps. The lasers are even suitable in forklift trucks. By means of TruckLaser the clamp is directed in an efficient manner and by that handling damages at edges and other parts of the rolls are avoided during loading and reloading.

Safety system for trucks

We have developed a safety system for trucks that is used in harbours. The system warns the driver and brakes automatically the truck before an accident can happen.

Camera system for traffic surveillance

Our CMOS cameras can be used in many different surveillance applications. E.g. counting cars waiting at a traffic light, traffic density measurements, detecting people and cyclists at a traffic light, car speed measurements, licence plate recognition in bad lightning etc.