Construction Lasers

Rugby 50 - The one button construction laser

Construction laser Rugby 50
Technical specifications Rugby 50
Operating range 300m in diameter
Self-levelling Accuracy ±2.6mm at 30m
Self-levelling Range ±5°
Rotating Speeds 10 rps
Laser Diode (type) 780nm (infrared)
Dimensions (HWD) 158x163x166mm
Operating Temperature –20° to +50°C
Dust / water (IEC60529) IP55

Rugby 100/100LR - Standard construction laser for every job

Construction laser Rugby 100
Technical specifications Rugby 100 Rugby 100LR
Operating range 300m in dia. 750m in dia.
Accuracy ±2.6mm at 30m ±1.5mm at 30m
Self-levelling Range ±5° ±5°
Rotating speed 5, 10 rps 5, 10 rps
Laser Diode (type) 635nm (visible red) 780nm (infrared)
Dimensions 197x248x175mm 197x248x175mm
Operating Temperature –20° to +50°C –20° to +50°C
Warranty 24 months 24 months

Roteo 35 - All-in-one laser

Roteo 35
Roteo 35 specifications
Range up to 300m with laser receiver
Self levelling accuracy 3mm at 30m
Rotation speed Variable, 5 settings
Scanning angle 2° to 36°
Self levelling range ±4.5°
Battery life 50 alt. 160 hours
Battery type D-cell, 2x1.5V or rechargeable battery-pack
Protection class IP54 (dust and splash proof)

Rugby 55 - Design for interior - built for construction

Construction laser Rugby 55
Technical specifications Rugby 55
Operating range (rotating beam) 300m in dia.
Operating range (vertical beam) up to 60m
Self-levelling accuracy ±2.6mm at 30m
Self-levelling Range ±5°
Rotating Speed 0, 2, 5, 10 rps
Laser Diode 635nm (visible red)
Dimensions (HWD) 158x163x166mm
Dust / water IP55

Rugby 200 - Tough Inside and Out

Construction laser Rugby 200
Technical specifications Rugby 200
Opearating range 300m with sensor
Self-levelling accuracy ± 1.5mm at 30m
Self-levelling range ±5°
Rotating Speed 0, 1, 2, 5,10 rps
Laser Diode 635nm (visible red)
Dimensions (HWD) 197x248x175mm
Operating temperature –20° to +50°C
Dust / water According to IPX-6 standard
Infrared remote specifications
Range up to 40m

Rugby 300 SG (single grade) 400 DG (dual grade)

Tvåfallslaser Rugby 400
Technical specifications Rugby 300 SG and 400 DG
Operating Range 750m in dia.
Self-levelling accuracy ± 1.6mm per 30m
Self-levelling range ±5°
Grade Capability
Rugby 300 SG
Rugby 400 DG

-5 to +25% in one axis
-5 to +25% in either axis
Rotating speed 5, 10, 15, 20 rps
Laser Diode 780nm (infrared)
Dimensions (HWD) 265x260x200mm
Operating temperature –20° to +50°C
Environmental According to IPX-7 standard

Lino L2 - The perfect alignment tool

Line laser Lino L2
Technical specifications Lino L2
Operating Range Up to 15m (dependant on the light conditions) >30m with detector
Levelling accuracy ± 1mm @ 5m
Self-levelling range 4° ± 0.5°
Horizontal accuracy ± 1mm @ 5m
Vertical accuracy ± 0.75mm @ 3m line length
Laser type 635nm, laser class II
Battery type AA 3x1.5V
Operating temperature –10°C to 40°C
Protected against dust, splashes IP54
Size (HxWxB) 96x91x54mm