Euclides Diameter System

Non-contact diameter measurement of cylindrical objects

The Diameter System Euclides Diameter measures the diameter of moving or stationary objects with very high precision. The system works with triangulation. A laser spot on the surface is registered by a high-precision camera. Euclides Diameter is available in different standards that are described on this page.

Euclides Diameter used in paper mill
  • Non-contact measurements of stationary or moving objects
  • Measurements on non-oblique rolls
  • Integration with existing steer system
  • Accuracy up to 0.5mm
  • Statistics for later follow-up
  • The system manages to handle thousands of objects every day

Gathered data is presented on a monitor or on LED display(s). The analyse programs are easy to use and brought into line with consumer needs. Euclides Diameter can be controlled by RS232/RS422/RS485 or Ethernet.

Euclides SD (Single Diameter)

Euclides SD measures the diameter of moving as well as stationary objects. An average diameter for the whole object is calculated and sent to an existing data system.

Euclides TD (Total Diameter)

Euclides TD measures the diameter along the whole object. The statistic is presented graphical and sent to an existing data system.