Euclides Distance System

Non-contact distance measurement with very high accuracy

Euclides Distance measures distances of e.g. boards and posts with very high accuracy and reliability. The mainly usage of the System is length measuring of wood in sawmills. Euclides Distance is also suitable in many other cases and is brought into line with consumer needs. Euclides Distance is used in Sweden since 2001.

Euclides Distance used in saw mill
  • Euclides Distance provides non-contact measuring of high-speed dynamic processes with very high accuracy.
  • The accuracy is better than 1mm per 2 meter. Euclides Distance manages to combine both high accuracy and large ranges.
  • Euclides Distance is delivered as a standard system (0.5m, 2m, 5m and 20m) or brought into line with consumer needs.
  • Laser spots are captured by a digital camera. The distance to every spot is calculated by optical triangulation.

Gathered data is presented on a monitor or on LED display(s). The analyse programs are easy to use and brought into line with consumer needs. Euclides Distance can be controlled by RS232/RS422/RS485 or Ethernet.

Example of solved measuring task

Euclides Distance is used to measure the length of telephone poles. The system is stable mounted in a sawmill and measures up to 24 meters long poles. The system also measures the distance to a saw sword. The measured data is analysed in a special constructed user program.

Length measuring och poles

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