Euclides SHEET

Width, length and squareness measurement of sheets of paper and paper board

Euclides SHEET measures width, length and squareness of sheets of paper and paper board. The measuring system is based on vision technique where a high resolution sensor depicts the paper sheets circumference. Euclides SHEET measures dimensions from A4 to 1700x1700mm with very high accuracy. Calibration is done automatically with the built-in reference pattern.

Euclides SHEET  has modular design and can be customized in size and performance. The system is insensitive against and other disturbances in harsh industrial environment.

Euclides SHEET
  • Non-contact measurement with high accuracy
  • Measuring from A4 up to 1700x1700mm paper sheets
  • Width and Height measuring accuracy 0.1 to 0.5mm (depends on measuring range)
  • Automatically calibration with the built-in reference pattern
  • Measuring values are presented on the display at the measuring station

CSV, Cloud or customized