Euclides Surface System

Non-contact contour measurements of surfaces with very high accuracy

Euclides Surface is used to scan surfaces with very high accuracy and reliability. The surfaces are e.g. the human body, rail or paper rolls. Euclides Surface is also suitable in many other cases and is brought into line with consumer needs. Euclides Surface is used in Sweden since 2001.

Optisk triangulering
  • 3 dimensional measurements of object where ordinary vision system is not enough
  • Advanced program calculates special key values like width, diameter, area, movement or discrepancies
  • Fast. More than 100 contours every second
  • Very high accuracy
  • Several contour meters can be connected into a network, e.g. to measure object from different directions
  • Gathered contours are used to build up a digital surface model of the object that can be analysed
  • A laser line is projected on the surface. The line projected on the object is a lit contour captured by a digital camera. The distance to every spot in the contour is calculated by optical triangulation

Gathered data is presented on a monitor or on a LED display(s). The analyse programs are easy to use and brought to line with consumer needs. Euclides Surface can be controlled by RS232/RS422/RS485 or Ethernet.

Example of solved measuring task

Euclides Surface is used in an application to measure rail and the surrounding asphalt. The System is mounted on a special built train and measures 35-40 profiles every second.

Five contour meters are connected to a network. The meters measure on both sides of the rail, straight under the train and outside the rail. The accuracy is better than 1 mm. The gathered profiles can be analysed and controlled in an easy to use program (see below).


The image shows the area around the rail.