Euclides Width System

Non-contact width measurements with very high accuracy

Euclides Width measure paper rolls, packets, and details on machines with very high accuracy and reliability. The mainly usage of the System is width and diameter measurements at paper lines in paper mills (see images). Euclides Width is also suitable in many other cases and is brought into line with consumer needs. Euclides Width is used in Sweden and Europe since 2001.

Euclides Width used in paper mill
  • Non-contact measuring with very high accuracy
  • Robust construction that manages tough industrial environments
  • Well-tried system that measures day and night, year by year, without failure
  • Easy to install
  • Easy integration to other systems thanks to the ASCII based interface via RS232/RS422/RS485 or Ethernet
  • Automatic corrections for oblique objects
  • Also diameter measuring and height measuring systems are available
  • The width can be measured even if the object never is placed between the meter poles (See below; Width measurement from the side of the line).

Gathered data is presented on a monitor or on a LED display(s). The analyse programs are easy to use and brought into line with consumer needs. Euclides Width can be controlled by RS232/RS422/RS485 or Ethernet.

Width measurement of paper rolls

The width of for example paper rolls can be measured in different ways. Euclides Width RT measures rolls moving between two opposite meter poles. If the line is constructed in such a way that this is impossible, Euclides Width SM manages to measure if the roll moves along the poles.

Euclides ST Euclides RT

Click on the pictures to see animation.

To the left: Width measurement of a roll moving alongside the poles; Euclides Width SM.
To the right: Width measurement of rolls moving between two poles; Euclides Width RT.