Bringing industrial experience to railway!

Latronix develops, manufactures and sells industrial lasers, hand-held laser measurement instruments and sophisticated customized distance and dimension measuring systems. Thanks to a broad expertise within the measuring techniques and imaging preparation, we manage to solve complicated measuring problems efficiently with very high accuracy.

Our Euclides Measuring System based on Triangulation (camera and laser) provides high accuracy measuring at high speed. Latronix cutting edge technologies are...

"Non-contact high accuracy measuring of fast dynamic processes.” and
”Non-contact high accuracy measuring in large measuring areas.”

Rail Profile and Rail Gauge

Euclides Rail Profile measuring system automatically identifies rail type and compares measured data with the correct reference profile and calculates rail wear. Besides from measuring and wear data, complete rail profiles are continuously saved for later analysis. Euclides rail profile measuring system is a powerful tool for measuring vehicles and grinders. Rail Gauge can be measured with a full Rail Profile Measurement System as shown in drawing below or with two inner Rail Profile Measuring Units.

Euclides Rail Profile Measuring System Euclides Rail Profile Measuring System

Measurement of Overhead Line Wear

OWLSIII measures Overhead Line Wear with high measuring frequency. Advanced algorithms calculates Overhead Line wear with high accuracy.

Overhead Line Overhead Line

Overhead Line Measurement of height and stagger

Latronix latest generation of Euclides OWLS, called OWLSIII, provides measurement of height and stagger of Overhead Line with very high accuracy. Standard measuring area is 4800 - 6200 mm (height) and -600 to +600 mm (stagger). Other measuring areas are optional. Measurements can be monitored in real time and be further analyzed in a powerful analysis software.

OWLS Analyze