Industrial sensors

We offer a wide range of industrial sensors which use LED, laser or ultrasound for non contact measurements in industrial environment. These sensors can be used in many different industrial environment and in a large number of measuring applications. Which one suites your application depends on measuring range, required accuracy and desired measuring frequency.

Laser sensors


Laser sensors can with advantages be used for distance and level measurements, for positioning and detection and for thickness measurements. The measuring techniques is either optical triangulation (for measuring with high accuracy) or time-of-flight technique (for measuring large distances).

Measuring range from 0.5mm up to several meter distances, resolution from 0.0001mm. Thanks to the analogue or digital output the integration with your existing control system will be easy.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are used for distance measuring and detection of different objects. The sensors can measure beside firm objects, even transparent or shiny objects and against liquids.

Measuring range from 200mm up to several meter distances, accuracy from 2%. Output signal either binary or analogue and are chosen depending on your measuring application.