Laser components

Laser driver with or without modulation

Laser Driver 1290 series is used for driving laser diodes with an output power of up to 40mW and an operating current of max 100mA. All drivers has APC automatic power regulation of the laser diode as back connection from monitor diode, slow start of the laser diode at voltage setting, protection against ESD for the laser diode and protection against reverse voltage polarity.

Laser driver
  • Input voltage from 3 to 6V
  • Automatic power regulation (APC) of the laser power
  • Good laser power stability at temperature variations
  • Laser diode shuts down at too low current or too high temperature
  • The analogue modulation frequency is 0-100kHz (sinus)
  • The analogue modulation input is DC-connected and the modulation voltage is 0 to +1.3V, where 0V gives maximal output power and +1.3V gives zero output power.
  • Easy adjustment with a potentiometer
  • Dimensions: 64x12.2x9.5mm
Laser diode

Laser diodes with visible light

Here below are some of our laser diodes technical specifications.

Technical data HL6354MG HL6358MG HL6360MG HL6362MG
Wavelength 638nm 639nm  639nm 640nm
Output power 5mW 10mW 20mW 40mW
Housing dia. 5.6mm 5.6mm 5.6mm 5.6mm
Threshold Current typ/max 20/27mA 30/35mA 45/60mA 45/60mA
Operating Current typ/max 27/36mA 40/50mA 65/80mA 90/110mA
Operating Voltage typ/max 2.2/2.4V 2.3/2.5V 2.3/2.5V 2.4/2.6V
Wavelength typ/max 638/640nm 639/643nm 639/643nm 640/643nm
Operating temperature -10° to +50°C -10° to +50°C -10° to +50°C -10° to +50°C

Glass Collimator LXDL-2.3 M9

Collimator lenses are used to focus the laser light into a parallel beam.

  • Focal length: 6.0mm
  • Back focal length: 2.6mm
  • Lens construction: 3E.3G (Glass)
  • Beam divergence: 1.0mrad
  • Beam dimension: Dia. 10mm (at 20 meter)
  • Dimensions: M9mm-P0.5mm x L9.5mm


Interference filter can be used together with a camera or other detectors to improve the signal/noise ratio with use of laser light.

Technical data 632.8/10/80-2R 636/10/50-2U 650/40/75-2U 670/40/75-2R 532.0/10/75-4R
Wavelength 633nm 636nm 650nm 670nm 532nm
Bandwidth ±10nm ±10nm ±40nm ±40nm ±10nm
Transmission 80% 50% 75% 75% 75%
Diameter 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 25mm
Others protection ring - - protection ring protection ring

OEM laser modules

OEM laser module

The laser module M660 has 660nm wavelength and is available as standard with output power 1mW and 5mW. The housing is of brass, the diameter 10.4mm, the length 17mm. The module is delivered with a 150mm long connection cable. The housing is connected to the plus conductor.

  • Compact construction
  • Complete with driver
  • Input voltage 3-6V DC
  • Focusable plastic collimator
  • Diode cast in a temperature leading material