Non-contact level measurement with very high accuracy

LaserLev is a non-contact distance meter used for level measurements. The meter is placed alongside the surface or object on which a change shall be measured. LaserLev has better than 0.1mm accuracy and the measuring range is between 150mm and 6000mm!

The level meter LaserLev uses optical triangulation. A laser light lit up a surface which is registered by a sensor. Sensor and laser are mounted on a fixed distance and angle. The distance to the measuring object is calculated and registered in the measuring computer. Measuring values and the meter status are shown on a build-in two row colour display.

Level meter LaserLev
  • Measuring range up to 6000mm
  • Robust and waterproof construction
  • No surveillance is necessary
  • Very high accuracy
  • Digital or analogue signal for easy integration to the existing data system
  • Precise measuring in many different environments
  • Very easy to use with the included remote control