Distance Meter LH Kombi

Handheld distance, height and angle meters

Handheld distnace meter LH Kombi

The easy-to-use distance meter LH Kombi gives fast and accurate distance and height values. The measuring instrument is a perfect aid for policemen, fire-fighters, engineers, construction workers, crane operators, telecommunication workers, woodsmen etc.

LH Laser measures distances, heights and angles to the desired measuring object. Incorporating an internal electronic tilt sensor, the LH Laser Hypsometer makes vertical angle measurements with better than 0.5 degree resolution to remotely determine heights of trees and other objects.

The LH-series Laser Hypsometer/Rangefinder emits invisible, eye safe, pulses of infrared light. Distances are determined by reflecting the beam off an object and measuring the round-trip time-of-flight of the laser beam to and from the object.

Technical data InSight 400LH InSight 400LH-Pro InSight 1000LH
Measuring range 3.5-365m 3.5-365m 0.3-935m
Measuring range with reflector 0.3-1000m 3.5-548m 3.5-1300m
Measuring accuracy length ±0.5m ±30cm ±0.5m
Measuring accuracy height ±0.4m ±0.4m ±0.6m
Measuring unit foot, meter or yard
Design yellow
Weight 300g
Dimensions 130x100x45mm
Battery 1x9V block battery

The InSight series of laser rangefinders shows the measured distance in the internal LED display.

Operation modes

Mode 0 - Measures line-of-site distance
Mode 1 - Measures horizontal distance
Mode 2 - Measures height of a target (two points)
Mode 3 - Measures height of a target (three points)
Mode 4 - Measures angle in degrees or percent grade