October 2015 - New model truck laser LaserGuide+

Latronix new model truck laser LaserGuide+ increased safety in warehouse and makes loading and unloading easier. It is battery operated and easy to install. LaserGuide+ is vibration or remote control activated, depending on your settings.

February 2015 - New model Laser Hypsometer InSight 400LH-Pro with 30cm accuracy

InSight 400LH-Pro is a new model Laser Hypsometer for measuring up to 365m distances (up to 548m with reflector) with 30cm accuracy.

August 2014 - Purchase order of several Euclides Sheet measuring systems

Euclides Sheet measures width, length and sqareness of paperboard with very high accuracy. The measuring system has a modular design and can be customized. Euclides Sheet has built-in reference pattern for automatic calibration and is insensitive to vibrations and other disturbances in harsh industrial environment.

December 2013 - Product update green Circle Laser

Product update: Our LBD series Circle Lasers based on semiconductor laser diode (520nm) are now available with 5, 10 and 15mW optical output power. The green Circle Laser LBD has 3 or 4 times better visibility than the corresponding red (635nm) and is used mostly when the surface to be illuminated is dark or the distance to the object is large.

September 2013 - New dot lasers

We start delivering a custom adapted dot laser used in mines and other rough environment. The laser dot is approximately 5mm at 20m distance. At the same time we improve the IP classification for several of our lasers.

2012 - Delivery of several custom adapted measuring systems

During this year we adapted and delivered a couple of Euclides Measuring Systems for use in railway applications. The delivery includes Rail Gauge, Rail Wear, OHL Height and Stagger and OHL Wear.

December 2012 - Advertising in Småsågaren Nr. 5

With Latronix sharp laser lines you can quickly see where the cut comes on the log or board. Our Laser Guide Lights makes easier to target the material which will be cut. You have a better control over the cutting action. No guesses or sawing again and again.

June 2012 - Product improvement

We have introduced product enhancements of our LD lasers which consists of, among others, improved protections of the electronics. Better insulation of laser electronics from the casing which increases noise insensitivity. The lasers will be more resistant to interference from the mains or other feeds.

2011 - New order of several non-contact measuring systems Euclides OWLS

This year we delivered 5pcs non-contact measuring systems for railway applications. Rail Gauge, Rail Ware, OHL Height and Stagger and OHL Wear.

February 2011 - Laser tracks railway problems

Ny Teknik, a Swedish newspaper, wrote about one of our non-contact measuring techniques we use to measure overhead wire position (height and stagger), rail gauge and rail profile.

2010 - Delivery of measuring systems for railway applications

We are proud to announce that during 2010 we delivered 8pcs Measuring Systems for use in railway applications. The measuring systems are used to measure Rail Gauge, Rail Wear, OHL Height and Stagger and OHL Wear.

April 2010 - Purchase order of Euclides Width & Diameter System

We received a purchase order from a large company located in Switzerland which manufactures machines for use in paper mills. Our Euclides Width & Diameter System will measure width and diameter of up to 4000mm wide paper rolls with ±2mm accuracy.

July 2009 - Purchase order of several Euclides OWLS

We are very happy to deliver our third generation Euclides OWLS, a non-contact measuring system which will measure the position of overhead wires and the profile of rails on the Swedish railways.

June 2009 - Purchase order of Euclides Lab W155

We received a purchase order for Euclides Lab W155 from a large paper mill located in Dalarna (Sweden). Euclides Lab W measures the width of paper strips with better then 0.1mm accuracy.

December 2008 - Development of a new model truck laser TR LaserGuide+

We developed a new model, battery driven truck laser, TR LaserGuide+. Thanks to the built-in sensor the laser beam is activated when the truck is in motion. The spring between the laser head and electronics enables the laser head to bend away when it hits a target, instead of fastening or be deformed. TR LaserGuide+ is driven by 1pc AAA battery, it is no need for complicated cable layings.

October 2008 - Purchase order of LaserDist Width

We received an order on LaserDist Width from a large company within the manufacturing industry. The measuring system consists of two measuring units and a freestanding processor module with built-in display. The width measuring system measures up to 8m long steel poles with high accuracy. The measured values are sent through Modbus Ethernet TCP to an existing control system.

June 2008 - Installation of MWS

We installed our non-contact Multiple Width Measuring System MWS-5-CAM in the end of June. After the installation a walk-through was performed for the personnel at the paper mill about the functions, operation and maintenance of the system.

April 2008 - Order from Tetra Pak

We are very happy to deliver our non-contact measuring system MWS-5-CAM Multiple Width Measuring System to Tetra Pak. The measuring system measures the width of several paper tacks in a paper machine. MWS-5-CAM has a modular and flexible design which is characterised by very high measuring accuracy and reliability.