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October 2007 - New model distance meter Disto D3

DISTO™ D3 measures up to 100m distances with ±1mm accuracy. The built-in tilt sensor determines up to 45° tilts. A built-in sensor detects if the environment is dark and switches on the illumination of the keypad and display.

September 2007 - We offer new laser models with high output power

Latronix AB introduces new models lasers with output power of up to 25mW in the LD series and up to 150mW in the LRD series.

April 2007 - New Managing Director at Latronix AB

Mattias Mattsson takes up the duties as Managing Director from April 1, 2007. Mattias succeeds retiring Managing Director Bo Sjögren.

October 2006 - New model distance meter Disto A8

DISTO™ A8 has among others a built-in three-fold digital zoom and an integrated tilt sensor. Thanks to the built-in tilt sensor you can now easily measure both tilt angle and horizontal distance.

July 2006 - New Industrial Distance Meter

DLS-B is a non-contact distance measuring device for millimetre precise measurement in extreme situations. The measuring range is from 0.05 up to 500m (on reflective foil), accuracy ±1.5mm or ±3mm depending on the model.

June 2006 - New Laser Distance Meters from Leica

Disto A2 is a handy and accurate distance meter designed for indoor applications. The measuring range is from 0.05m up to 60m and accuracy ±1.5mm. Disto A6 is a more sophisticated distance meter with built-in BLUETOOTH which allows readings into various programs e.g. Word®, Excel®, AutoCad®.

March 2006 - A large purchase order from Banverket

Banverket is the authority responsible for rail traffic in Sweden.

Since last weeks, we are busy developing an extremely advanced measuring device (Euclides OWLS) to the Industrial division at Banverket. Euclides OWLS will measure the overhead wire's position (height and side) with very high accuracy.