Processor modules

CentiPede - a device with many possibilities

CentiPede is a compact programmable measuring device specially developed to handle measuring data from different sensors. In CentiPede there is, beside the processor module, even a built-in display with push-buttons. It can calculate measuring values from sensors, send measuring data in an adjusted form to e.g. a PC or PLC equipment.

CentiPede is designed to carry out the most common measuring as e.g. length- width-, level- or temperature measurements. It doesn't matter if the measurements are in small or big scale, quick or slow, sensors mounted vertically, horizontally or in angle, wireless or with cable, the user interface is the same. The only thing which is replaced is the sensor.

CentiPede with built-in display
  • Connection to a wide range of sensors
  • Offset and easy adjustment to the most common measuring arrangements
  • Easy programming with the built-in bush-buttons
  • Four programmable alarm outputs with hysteresis
  • Serial connection to a PC or PLC through RS232, RS422 or RS485
  • Analogue output and wireless connection
  • Robust design adjusted for industrial applications

MiniPede - for reliable treatment of measuring values

MiniPede is a processor module for easy and reliable treatment of measuring values. It can be used with a wide range of sensors with analogue or digital output. Several sensors can be connected to the same processor module for e.g. width or thickness measurement.

  • Sensors with analogue of digital output
  • Display (built-in or external)
  • Rechargeable battery pack for wireless connection
  • Bluetooth communication between the display and measuring sensor
  • Power Supply

Examples on delivered measuring solutions

LaserDist Standard is an easy to use and versatile meter for distance, height and position measurement. It consists of a durable measuring unit and a freestanding processor module (MiniPede) with built-in display. They are designed to withstand temperature variations and are water resist. Measurements can be made against natural surfaces or reflector. The measuring unit can be zero set and programmed with the built-in push buttons on the display.

LaserDist Standard X series are used for level measurement in fluid tanks or silo. Our X model distance meters consists of a measuring unite and a freestanding processor module (CentiPede) with built-in display. It has 4 alarm outputs which can be connected to e.g. light or sound signal. The measuring results can be shown, beside in mm, even in percent or grade.

LaserDist Width consists of two measuring units connected to a freestanding processor module (CentiPede) with built-in display (option). The measured distance from every unit is sent to the processor module where the width calculation is performed. The result is shown on the display and sent further to an existing control system.