Measuring Systems

Euclides Width System

Euclides System is a robust and sturdy system that provides extraordinary accuracy and manages to measure moving objects. Euclides is available for distance-, width- and surface measurements.

Euclides System is used to measure the width of paper rolls, the distance of poles, for surface measurements of the human body, rail and paper.

Industrial sensors

Industrial sensors

LED, laser or ultrasonic sensors for non-contact measurements. We offer sensors with measuring range from 2mm up to several metres. All sensors has extremely high accuracy and uses LED, laser or ultrasound to determine the distance to an object. Our sensors are useful in many industrial measuring application.

Processor modules

Processor module MiniPede

MiniPede and CentiPede are two of our processor modules with or without built-in display. They can be connected to a wide range of sensors with analogue or digital output.

Level meters

Level meter LaserLev

Non-contact level measuring with laser or ultrasonic sensor. Our level meters are easy to use instruments with high precision and reliability. The instrument can easily be integrated with an existing system, for example to keep track of filling level in a silo.

Handheld distance meters

Handheld distance meter XL

Beside our industrial measuring systems we offer even flexible handheld measuring instruments for distance- height- volume, tilt and angle measurement. Disto meters measures up to 200m distances with ±1mm accuracy. Our powerful XL and LH meters manages to measure up to 1300m distances. LH measures even heights and angles.


LD laser

Latronix AB develops lasers used in many industries. You can find our lasers in saw mills, mining industry workshops and transport industry. Our argon lasers are used among others within the entertainment industry and in medical applications.


CMOS camera

Latronix' CMOS cameras are ideal for many industrial applications where an ordinary CCD camera would not be enough. Distinguished characteristics are extremely high image speed in combination with a 100dB dynamic range. Thanks to the digital data output, the compact construction and the low effect consumption, the cameras are perfectly suited in rough, industrial environments.

Safety products

Safety products

Beside our ready-to-use products we offer even individual components. In our product range you find laser accessories, laser safety glasses and warning labels.