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Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB is a product company within the business area Construction and Mining Technique. The company comprises all Atlas Copco activities in Örebro, Sweden. These include research, design, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of products for civil engineering projects, underground mines, quarries and open pit mines around the world.

Since many years, Latronix AB co-operates with Atlas Copco by developing lasers with heavy-duty encapsulation (MD-lasers). These lasers are integrated in Atlas Copcos own products. The lasers are used to project points or lines on objects and thereby make the work in e.g. mines easier.

Contact person at Latronix: Enikö Körmendi

Billerud Skärblacka

Skärblacka Mill in the south of Sweden maintains high standard in quality and security. With three pulp lines, four paper machines and a drying machine for market pulp is it important that the production flows smoothly.

Euclides Width is used for width measurement of paper rolls as a part of the quality work at Skärblacka Mill. The system measures with very high accuracy (mm). This result in that stop is avoided in e.g. printing or gluing machines caused by incorrect paper width.

Reference: Martin Hjulberg, Production engineer
Website: Billerud Skärblacka
Contact person at Latronix: Björn Skatt

Göteborgs Spårvägar AB

Göteborgs Spårvägar

It is important that the public transportations are totally accessible for everyone. The design of the new trams in Gothenburg makes special provision for disabled passengers. Wheelchair users can easily wheel on and off the low trams and there is a space for them to travel in each section of the tram.

The magnetic brakes and the girders in the chassis on these new low trams might get damaged against heap of stones or asphalt. The security might thereby get affected.

Since 2002 the rail and asphalt meter Euclides Rail is used to get to know where the asphalt might hit the chassis. The high precision measuring vehicle is used during night and registers the rail and the surrounding ground.

Reference: Tommy Nilsson
Contact person at Latronix: Björn Skatt

Iggesund Paperboard


Iggesund Paperboard AB is one of the largest manufacturers of virgin fibre paperboard in Europe, with production plants located in Sweden and in Great Britain. Their products are used in the packaging industry for e.g. confectionery and cosmetics and in the graphics industry.

Iggesund Paperboard uses Euclides Lab W to decide the width of small paper stripes with high precision. The system has a stable design, is easy to use and has a built in automatic calibration function.

Reference: Tord Fagerström
Contact person at Latronix: Enikö Körmendi

ScanPole Sverige AB


ScanPole in Åsbro, Sweden, manufactures poles to power lines. These poles are delivered all over the world, and it is very important that the products have high quality. To fit as power line poles, the trees must be long and totally straight.

Euclides Distance together with its software is used to measure and to register the length of the poles.

Reference: Bertil Larsson
Contact person at Latronix: Björn Skatt