Measuring technique

Optical triangulation

Euclides Systems are distance-, length-, width- and surface meters that uses optical triangulation. The distance is computed by means of optical triangulation. The laser beams make small spots on the measured object. Each spot on the surface is imaged with a viewing lens onto a high-resolution image sensor. A change of the distance between the illuminated surface and the sensor causes a change in the position of the imaged light spot on the position detector.

When the distance between the meter and a surface changes, the laser light/contour is also changing it's position on the camera sensor in proportion to the camera. The distance is registered in a measuring computer.

To detect a laser light in the right way a diffuse reflection from a surface is necessary. Strong sunlight can disturb the measurements and wet surface can give uneven reflections. For good measuring results the surface should be fairly dry and the sunlight should be shield.

Time-of-flight technique

A very short laser pulse is sent to the measuring object. The travelling time between sending and receiving the laser light is the ground of the calculated distance. Since we measure time the measuring frequency per second is low.

Unbeatable accuracy?

Latronix uses the best from the new technique. We can with our special camera-computer technique achieve a great resolution and therefore an extraordinary accuracy.