Lasers specially designed for use in paper roll clamps or forklift trucks

Our truck lasers are specially designed for mounting on paper roll clamps or forklift trucks. (different models). The truck laser is an excellent aid to determine a fork's position at larger distances or heights, e.g. in a warehouse. With increased precision in a warehouse the risk for damages on the vehicle or driver is reduced.

Every truck laser projects a sharp, red line on the gods which will be lifted. This makes it easy for the driver to see directly where the clamp will grab, or where the fork lands in height. With help of truck laser the truck is directed in an effective way, avoiding handle damages when load and unload gods.

  • Compact and robust design for use in rough industrial environment
  • Generates a straight and sharp laser line (red)
  • Sharp and tin lines even at long distances
  • Increase the efficiency with handling gods
  • Decrease handling time and gives fewer damages
  • Suitable for every well-known maker
Technical data TRC3-635L
Output power 3mW 6mW 12mW 18mW
Laser class 2M 2M 3B 3B
Field of view (line length) 60º or 90º
Wavelength 635nm
Model codes

X = output power in miliwatt, Y = wavelength in nanometre, L = line optics, Z = input voltage

Example: TRC6-635L-12 is a TruckLaser with output power 6mW, wavelength 635nm, built-in line optics and 12V DC input voltage.

Technical specifications
  • Electrical connection: By separate batteries or
    by batteries from the truck (10 - 36V DC)
  • Degree of protection provided by enclosures: IP65
  • CE marking: EMC standard class 4
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +40ºC
  • Typical lifetime at 25ºC: 30 000 - 40 000 hours
  • Dimensions TruckLaser: 110x30x25mm
  • Dimensions Steer unit and battery package: 180x80x55mm
  • Dimensions LD laser: Ø20mm; L=115mm