Business concept and principal aim

Latronix AB will sell and lease guide lights and optical dimension and distance measuring systems to industry, both inside and outside Sweden, with the aim to become market leader in this field.

Latronix AB will do R&D work and manufacturing of its own and have products of the highest quality with robust design and long lifetime. Latronix AB will also as an agent carry on sales to industry of lasers and other products in the optical field.

Product development and manufacturing

We develop and manufacture our products at our own premises. We use high quality components of the most well known manufacturers on the market; only the best quality is acceptable. We also have long-term cooperation with a few subcontractors about the production of product specific components. Among other products, thanks to our invention, which is patent pending, we have diode based laser guide lights with the highest output power and the longest lifetime on the market. Also in our triangulation distance meters we have an invention with patent applied for.


We have a large number of satisfied customers whom we are pleased to refer to. We have delivered more than 20.000 laser guide lights to e.g. sawmills, which can be found in a large number of countries.

Quality and environment

Latronix AB is currently working to introduce a business system in accordance with ISO 14001:1996, ISO 9001:2000 and AFS 1996:6.