Laser Distance Meter XL

For measuring up to 1300m distance

XL mätare

Our laser distance meter XL is the perfect instrument for policemen, rescue service workers, engineers, construction workers, telecommunication workers, hunters, golf players etc.

The easy-to-use, ergonomically design and price worthy distance meter eliminate guesses and makes it possible to measure quickly and accurate distances.

XL sends an eye-safe IR (not visible) laser light to the desired measuring object. The reflection of the laser light back to the sensor is calculated to a distance.

Technical data InSight 400XL InSight 800XL InSight 1000XL
Measuring accuracy ±0.5m ±0.5m ±0.5m
Measuring range 3.5-365m 3.5-735m 0.3-935m
Measuring range with reflector 0.3-1000m 3.5-1300m 3.5-1300m
Measuring unit foot, metre or yard
Colour yellow
Weight 300g
Dimensions 130x100x45mm
Battery 1x9V block battery

The InSight series laser rangefinders are showung the measured distance even in the internal LED display.