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Our truck lasers are specially designed for mounting on forklifts.



Lasers specially designed for forklifts

Our lasers are specially designed for mounting on storehouse trucks or forklifts. The truck laser is an excellent aid for determining the position of the forks at distances and high heights in e.g. high storage. With increased precision when working in high storage, the risk of falling goods that can damage vehicles or drivers is reduced.

Each truck laser projects a sharp, red line on the goods to be lifted. This allows the truck driver to directly see where the unit grips or where the forks end up in height. With the help of a forklift laser, the forklift is aligned in an efficient manner and thus handling damage is avoided when loading and reloading goods.


  • Compact and robust design for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Generates a straight and sharp red or green laser line
  • Sharp and narrow lines even at distance
  • Increases the efficiency of handling goods
  • Reduces handling time and reduces handling damage
  • Fits all kind of forklifts
  • TruckLaser can be powered by its own rechargeable battery or connected to the truck's power supply
  • The laser is activated automatically by means of a vibration sensor or a magnetic switch.
Technical data LaserGuide ST LaserGuide +
Emitted power 3-6 mW 3-6mW
Laser class 2M 2M
Propagation angle 90°
Wavelenght 520nm (green) or 635nm (red)

Model designations


X = output power in milliwatts, Y = wavelength in nanometers, L = line optics, Z = supply voltage

Example: TRC6-635L-12 is a TRC laser with 6mW output power, 635nm wavelength, built-in line optics and 12V DC supply voltage.

Additional information

Electrical connection

Separate battery operation or
supply from the truck's existing battery (10V – 36V DC)


IP65 (waterproof and dustproof)

CE certification

EMC standard class 4

Ambient temperature

-20 ° C to + 40ºC

Typical life at 25ºC:

30,000 – 40,000 hours

Dimensions Forklift Laser:


Dimensions Control unit and battery pack:


Dimensions LD laser:

Ø20mm, L = 115mm