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Rail Profile



Rail Profile and Wear

With increasing speeds and loads, rail profile measurements are more important now than ever – both for maintenance planning and for railway safety through its direct connection to vehicle dynamics.

Latronix Rail Profile is a solution for measuring rail profile and rail wear. Rail profile measurements can also be used to calculate wheel-rail interaction, such as equivalent conicity.

The system can be delivered for measuring the inner rail profile, or alternatively an extended system with the possibility of measuring the entire rail profile. It can be installed on dedicated measuring vehicles and trains in scheduled traffic as well as rail-borne construction machines or can be handled portably and installed if necessary.

Measurement and calculation

Rail profile, measurement data

Rail profile right and left are measured with high accuracy. The measurements can be used for calculation of rail wear and analysis of wheel-rail interaction.

Rail wear, measurement data

The following parameters can be calculated from the rail profile measurement:

  • Height wear
  • Side wear
  • 45-degree wear
  • Worn area
Wheel-rail interaction

Equivalent conicity for one or several positions can be calculated for the entire measurement and displayed together with rail wear or other measurement data. Wheel profiles for the calculation can be new or worn wheels.

Wheel-rail interaction, including contact surfaces and radius differences, can also be illustrated for selected positions.

More than rail profile

Latronix systems for track and catenary measurement are modular. Several measurements can be combined on one and the same vehicle, and several measurement techniques can be combined in the same physical unit.