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Railroad Measuring Equipment

Monitoring the condition and geometry of the rails and catenary is fundamental to maintaining a safe and reliable railway. Our contactless railway measurement systems can be used for continuous monitoring during normal traffic as well as on-board dedicated measuring vehicles.


A safe and
reliable railway

Having an overview of the railway condition is a basic precondition for being able to plan necessary maintenance that ensures reliability and safety. With Latronix Track and Catenary Measurement, the facility can be monitored over time, and changes indicating potential problems identified. In this way, maintenance efforts can be deployed in exactly the right place and at the right time. Several parts of the system can be installed on ordinary rail-borne construction machines, which means that a completed maintenance measure can be verified quickly. In this way, the traffic can quickly start up again after an interruption.



Track position errors can lead to derailments and serious accidents. Track measurements can identify problems that need to be remedied, before derailments occur!


Access to measurement data improves preventive maintenance and reduces the need for disruptive remedial actions. A Latronix Track Measurement can be used on-site when performing remedial actions. By validating that the problem has been remedied, traffic can safely be resumed.


Maintenance work can be made more efficient by continuous monitoring of the condition of the facility. The cost of preventive measures is lower than the consequential cost of impacted traffic, operation and maintenance during disruptions.


Our products for measuring track quality meet the requirements stated by European standard EN 13848.

Our Technology

Latronix Railway Measurements

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High Speed and Resolution

Measurements can be performed at speeds up to 300 km / h. This enables the installation of the equipment on vehicles in regular traffic.

Compact, modular, portable

The modules of the system can be combined and adapted to deliver the required measurements – from monitoring a few parameters to being a fully-fledged measuring platform for tracks and catenary. The units are compact and can be easily mounted on various rail vehicles.


The Internet connection enables automatic backup and access to measurement data from the cloud. Upgrades, calibration, and status checks can also be performed remotely.

Proven and Robust Design

The system has been tested for use in rain, snow and sun. The equipment is robust and well protected from the forces of nature.


Always Included

• GPS (RTK) with navigation
• 4G internet connection
• Rugged, proven design
• NTP time function for synchronization with external systems

• Software for creating reports and alarm lists.
• Opportunity to compare measurements from different occasions.
• Annual calibration (within service agreement)
• Wireless remote control



Control and Monitoring

Latronix Collect shows the most important measured properties in real time. The program is used to start and stop measurements, make notes about collected data and monitor the status of the system. Collect is handled wirelessly and can be driven both directly from the measuring vehicle and remotely.

Analysis of Measurement Data

Latronix Viewer is a powerful tool for processing and analysing collected measurement data. Some software fetures:

• Graphically visualize measurement data and
deviations from limits
• Make notes
• Review measurement data
• Set limits
• Export reports