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Catenary Measurement

Wear and Geometry


Measurement of catenary and carrying wire

Latronix Catenary Measurement is a series of solutions for measuring catenary and carrying wire. With our system for geometry measurement, the height and side position (zigzag) of the overhead contact line is identified. The measurements are related to the upper edge of the rails and from the center between the rails. The measurement takes place contactless at up to 300 km / h and the measuring system can simultaneously measure the geometry of the carrying line.

With a wear measuring system, the contact line wear is identified with high accuracy. The measuring system can measure the width of the worn part of the contact line and thereby calculate the wear and identify damaged sections and point wear on the contact line.

Measurement and calculation

Measured parameters


  • The width of the wear
  • Wear area
  • Percentage wear
  • Identification of


  • Zigzag
  • Height