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Latronix AB

Laser and optical measuring technology for railway and industrial applications


About Us

Since 1984

Latronix was founded in 1984 and has since developed into a
well-established company in laser technology.

Latronix AB develops, manufactures and sells industrial lasers, handheld laser measuring instruments
and industry-adapted non-contact distance and dimensional measurement systems.

Railroad Measuring Equipment

Industrial Laser

Industrial Applications


Industry organizations and collaborations


We are a certifiedsupplier according to the “TransQ Pre-Qualification System” in the following areas:

1.3.99 Other Railway, Materials and Equipment
4.15.7 Testing and Measuring Instruments / Equipment
5.2.4 Railway Inspection and Monitoring Services


Sweden has a good international reputation as a producer of advanced railway technology. The country has been at the forefront of restructuring and transforming state railways into efficient business-oriented units designed to meet customer requirements and competition with other modes of transport. This process has contributed to the development of strong, market-oriented Swedish suppliers of products and services in the railway sector.

In this environment, leading Swedish companies covering the entire railway sector have founded SWERIG – Swedish Rail Industry Group.

Latronix is a member of SWERIG. Feel free to read the presentation of our company here


Sinf is a politically independent employers’ organization for service companies and industry. Latronix takes our responsibility as an employer and supplier very seriously. Through Sinf, we receive support in law andbusinessissues.

Photonic Sweden

Latronix is a member of PhotonicSweden – the national platform for optics and photonics. The organization give Latronix access to a broad network in the industry and works for research, education and development of areas that are relevant to our business.

Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg (KNRBB)

KNRBB is an international company with over 70 members, working to establish projects and cooperations between clients, suppliers, and researchers.