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Fast length, width and level measurement with high accuracy


About LaserDist

LaserDist Standard is an easy-to-use and versatile meter for distance, level and position measurement. It consists of a small, durable and easily placed measuring module and a free-standing display. The clear two-line color display shows distance and status in parallel.

Distance measurement
LaserDist Standard emits a visible laser beam from the front of the instrument which is aimed at the surface to which the distance is to be measured. The measurement can be made against natural surfaces at a distance of up to 100 meters. Using a target expands the measurement range.

Level measurement
LaserDist Standard can recalculate the distances to percent, e.g. to show the degree of filling in a grain silo.

Width / thickness measurement
With the help of two laser units that are mounted at a measured distance, the width or thickness can be measured. Both laser units are connected to one and the same display unit.


Robust and industrially adapted construction

Accurate measurement up to 500 meters

Wireless data transfer

Display and meter separated

Easy to use and program


Areas of use

  • In ports, where the distance is displayed when a boat docks. The alarm warns when the boat is too close to the quay edge.
  • When positioning traverses. Collisions are avoided by slowing down the traverse when it e.g. is five meters from the end position and stops completely when it is one meter from the end position.
  • For non-contact diameter measurement of paper rolls.
  • For level measurement in a grain silo or water tank.
  • Measurement shows the level inside a silo and tells when the level is too low or too high. The level can be displayed either in meters or percent.
  • When positioning cranes outdoors.
  • When monitoring load-bearing structures. The meter can be aligned and reset against a beam in a bridge span and give an alarm if the beam moves more than e.g. 5mm.
  • Collision warning for vehicles.
  • Distance measurement against moving objects on conveyor belts.
  • Length measurement of fixed or moving objects in production processes.
  • When designing and installing elevators.

By using two opposing measuring modules, the thickness can be measured.


Technical specifications

Antal larm (förinställda) 0404
Inverterad avståndsmätning
Mätområde0.05-65 m0.05-65 m0,05-100 m0,05-100 m
Nivåmätning i procent--
Nollställning/offset (förinställda)
Upplösning på displaymmmmmm, cm eller dmmm, cm eller dm

All models

Dimensions:Display 100x80x100mm. Distance meter: 100x80x196mm
Emitted power:0.95mW
Laser class:2
Supply voltage: 24V DC
Ambient temperature:Measuring module -10 ° to + 45 ° C. Display 0 ° C to + 55 ° C

As standard, LaserDist is delivered with a 15 meter cable between the display and measuring module. It is also available with a wireless connection.



· RS485 interface between display and measuring module for cable length, up to 1000m
· Wireless data transfer between display and measuring module, up to 1000m
· Extra RS232 output (or RS485) for connection to computer
· Analog output (current or voltage)
· Extra display with larger numbers
· Rechargeable battery pack for wireless operation
Transformer for 230VAC