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Corrugation measurements at high speed

Corrugation gives rise to sounds and vibrations that disturb both passengers and the environment. Furthermore, it seriously accelerates wear on both track and vehicle, which in the long run leads to the need for maintenance.

Latronix Corrugation is a contactless measuring system for corrugation, which measures surface structures with a wavelength from 30 mm to 1000 mm with high accuracy. Measurements can be made at up to 100 km / h, which makes it possible to cover large distances and identify problematic areas where grinding needs to be performed.


Measurement and calculation

Measured parameters
  • The corrugation measurement is divided into three wavelength intervals and reported in rms micrometers.

More than corrugation

Latronix systems for track and catenary measurement are modular. Several measurements can be combined by one vehicle, and several measurement techniques can be combined in the same physical unit.