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Infranord IMV100


Latronix has delivered equipment for measuring tracks and catenary to Infranord’s three measuring railcars, IMV100. Infranord is contracted by the Swedish Transport Administration to monitor the condition of the railways. Through the implementation of OWLS, IMV100 can deliver measurement data for track gauge, twist, height and side position, rail elevation, rail profile, rail wear as well as position and wear on the catenary.

The first generation of OWLS was installed on the IMV100 more than 20 years ago. Since then, the system has been developed and updated – both in software and hardware. The last major update was made in 2014 when OWLSIII was installed.

Because the IMV100 is used all year round, in different weathers, landscapes and temperatures, the requirements for robustness are high. In this application, OWLS has shown proof of its reliability.



Posted on

25 February, 2021