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Latronix’s Track Measurement products change their name from OTG and OWLS to Latronix Track Measurement (LTM). Our standard system for track geometry and rail profile measurements that can be quickly installed and put into operation on various railway vehicles is grouped under LTM Compact, while the more customized vehicle integrations and extended systems are grouped under LTM Flex. Catenary measurement systems provided under Latronix Catenary Measurement with the product LCM Flex. At the component level, OWLS is retained as the prefix.

Latronix has been developing measuring systems for railways since the beginning of the 2010s. In recent years, we have increased our investment in these systems. By putting Latronix first in all our products and solutions for railway measurements, we want to continue the work of establishing the company as a player in the railway measurements market. With the new name structure, we clarify which names will apply to the solution sold, to the delivered physical product and to the individual parts that make up the system. Last but not least, we adapt the name structure to be able to incorporate the new measurement techniques we have developed – not just track geometry.

Mattias Mattsson, CEO

The work of implementing the new name structure has already begun and will be included in all relevant documentation in the coming months.

  • Solution – Latronix Track / Catenary Measurment
    • Product – Eg. LTM Compact
      • Component – Eg OLWS Com

For those who are familiar with our previous names:

OWLS Track Geometry ->Latronix Track Measurement
OTG (compact version) ->LTM Compact
OTG (modular system) ->LTM Flex
OWLS Overhead Line ->Latronix Catenary Measurement

Our softwares for railway measurements are also given a new series of names – Latronix Metis.

Our software can typically be used for both track and catenary measurements. We therefore take this opportunity to adjust the names so that they are not linked to one or the other. At the same time, we create a clear name structure that we can grow in – both for software and hardware. I look forward to marketing our products directly under the “Latronix” brand, while I think it’s fun that we can preserve some history by keeping OWLS at the component level.

Björn Skatt, CTO

The new software names are presented below:

viewOTG ->
viewOTG Live ->
collectOTG ->
calcOTG ->
calcOTG-Profile ->
Latronix Metis Viewer
Latronix Metis Live
Latronix Metis Collect
Latronix Metis Calc
Latronix Metis Profile