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Laser and optical measuring technology for railway and industrial applications

Latronix develops, manufactures and sells industrial lasers, hand-held measuring instruments and customized measuring systems.

Thanks to our broad expertise in measurement technology and image processing, we can solve complicated measurement problems efficiently and with high accuracy.

Railroad Measuring Equipment

Industrial Laser

Railroad Measuring Equipment

Monitoring the condition and geometry of the rails and catenary is fundamental to maintaining a safe and reliable railway. Latronix offers non-contact measuring systems that can be used both for ongoing inspections during normal traffic and one-time interventions, for example for verification during new construction or follow-up during maintenance.

Catenary Measurement

Latronix Catenary Measurement are our products for measuring the position, wear and tear of the overhead contact line and for identifying damage.

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Track Measurement

Latronix Track Measurement is a series of measurement systems for non-contact track measurement. The system is modular, and can be delivered for measuring:

  • Track Geometry
  • Rail Profile
    • Rail Wear
    • Rail-wheel interaction
  • Corrugation

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Industrial Laser

Our lasers are used in the mining industry, warehouse management, sawmills, production, maintenance, and research – among other things.
The possibilities of use are many – from simple positioning to spectroscopy.

Industrial applications

We offer a complete range of non-contact industrial sensors based on LED, laser or ultrasound for measurement in an industrial environment. The sensors can be used to advantage in different industrial environments for a variety of measurement applications.

LaserDist - Distance and width measurement

Our laser-based measuring devices enable extremely fast measurements with high precision. The system can be used for measuring products in production processes or on conveyor belts, level measurement in tanks, positioning of cranes and vehicles and much more.

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Euclides SHEET

Euclides SHEET is our product for non-contact measurement of paper sheet width, length and rectangularity

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Customized systems

Latronix has extensive experience in developing customized systems for distance and dimension measurement. Our products are found, for example, in paper mills, sawmills and railway maintenance.

Our measurement systems can be used for two- and three-dimensional measurements such as length, width, diameter and profile measurement. We can develop customized systems with lasers, optical sensors and ultrasonic technology.

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OTG is used in the verification of newly built railways in Senegal

OTG is used in the verification of newly built railways in Senegal

Latronix OTG has been used in the verification of newly built railways. In large parts of Africa, measuring vehicles are lacking. In collaboration with TCDD Teknik, Latronix delivered track geometry measurements as part of the verification process of the newly built...

Latronix delivers OTG for verification during commissioning of trains

Latronix has recently delivered the OWLS Track Geometry (OTG) system for use in commissioning a new train. The operator has purchased a series of new trains and before commissioning in passenger traffic, it must be evaluated that these live up to the specifications....