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LRD Laser

Line lasers: The LRD series lasers are perhaps the most powerful diode-based lasers on the market.


Line projecting lasers

The LRD series lasers are perhaps the market's most powerful diode-based lasers. It has a modular design that enables upgrading of the output power. Latronix have delivered several thousand LD and LRD lasers to, among other things, sawmills and carpentry, workshops, the automotive industry, medical institutes and paper mills.


  • Diode laser system with long life
  • Robust construction
  • Modular structure
  • High visibility even in bright rooms
  • Sharp and narrow lines even at distance
  • Red or green laser light
  • CE ceritified


Red light ...

The output power is up to 75mW with 635nm laser light. Light with a wavelength of 635nm is also one of the red colors that has the best visibility to the human eye. A red laser line with a corresponding effect with a different wavelength thus appears to be much weaker.

... and also green and blue light in LRD

The green light is close to the maximum sensitivity of the human eye. The green laser line therefore has much greater visibility than a red line with the same effect. Compared with 635nm light, the visibility is 4 - 5 times better, ie a 6mW green laser beam has a visibility that corresponds to a 635nm red beam with 24 - 30mW power.

Technical data LRD6-YL-Z LRD12-YL-Z LRD18-YL-Z LRD24-YL-Z LRD30-YL-Z
Laser class 2M, 3B 2M, 3B 3B 3B 3B
Emitted power 6mW 12mW 18mW 24mW 24mW
Divercence angle 25º, 30º, 45º (standard) or 60º
Wavelenght 450nm (blue), 520nm (green) eller 635nm (red)

We can deliver customized lasers according to your wishes (color, effect, optics, etc.) - please contact us for more information.


Model designations

LRDX-YL-Z X = output power in milliwatts, Y = wavelength in nanometers, L = line optics, Z = supply voltage Example: LRD12-635L-230 is an LRD laser with 12mW output power, 635nm wavelength, built-in line optics and 230V AC supply voltage.


Additional information

Elektrisk kapsling (laserenheten)


Typisk livslängd

Approx. 10.000 hours (green laser at 25 °C), Approx. 30 000 hours (red laser, at 25 °C)

Elektrisk anslutning

5, 12 and 24V DC or 230V AC

Omgivningstemperatur (grön laser)

-10° to +50°C

Omgivningstemperatur (röd laser)

-10°C to +40°C,


D = 54mm, L = 342mm


25º, 30º, 45º, 45º is the standard configuration, 4º, 60º

Wide angle lens LD 90Wide angle lens LD 90

With the help of the wide angle optics that fit the LD lasers, you get the laser beam 90 ° in relation to the housing. Wide angle lenses are useful e.g. when you have a lack of space.

Dimensions: Ø25mm, L = 30mm

Mount BVD

Mount BVD

The BVD mount is an adjustable, stable and small mount that fits our LD lasers and can be mounted in different environments.

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions (LxWxH): 90x40x40mm

Mount BV20Mount BV20

The BV20 bracket is an adjustable and stable bracket that is mounted on a bar. Thanks to the rod construction, several lasers can be mounted close to each other.

With the help of adjustable mounts, you can direct the laser sideways for centering and parallel positioning. You can also rotate the laser around its axis. The brackets have a stable construction and with their smart design do not take up unnecessary space.

Material: Aluminum or steel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 80x21x71mm

Mount BV54Mount BV54

The BV54 mount fits our LRD lasers and has the same adjustment options as the above mount BV20.

Material: Aluminum or steel

BV bracketRod and angle for bracket BV20 and BV54

Dimensions rod: Ø20mm, L = 200mm or L = 500mm