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MD Laser

Cast-in mining lasers: The MD series is specially designed for use in harsh environments.


Encapsulated mining lasers

The MD series is specially designed for use in harsh environments. It is built into a strong stainless steel housing and can withstand shocks, vibrations and moisture. MD lasers are used, among other things, in mines to align drilling rigs.

  • Robust, cast-in laser that is both waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Very powerful enclosure for mines and other heavy industry
  • Diode laser system with long life
  • High visibility even in bright rooms
  • Sharp and narrow lines even at distance
  • CE ceritified
Red MD

Of the red colors, 635nm light has the best visibility for the human eye and is thus the wavelength we have chosen in the standard version. Only AR-coated glass and optical quality windows are used in the constructions.

We can deliver customized lasers according to your specifications - contact us for more information.

X = output power in milliwatts, Y = wavelength in nanometers, L = line optics, Z = supply voltage

Example: MD1-635L-24 is an MD laser with 1mW output power, 635nm wavelength, built-in line optics and 24V DC supply voltage.

Additional information

Elektrisk kapsling (laserenheten)



-10° to +40ºC

Typisk livslängd

30.000 – 40.000 hours (at 25 °C)


25º, 30º, 45º, 45º is the standard configuration, 4º, 60º, 90°, Other propagation angles are available on request


The laser is built into a stainless steel box. It is also possible to have MD delivered in an aluminum beam.


1 year from the delivery date


Stainless steel design: 150x150x80mm
In aluminum beam: 40x80x150mm